Best Golf Ever! Training

Best Golf Ever! training is the cutting edge of where traditional golf education will be headed within the next five to ten years. Best Golf Ever's education curriculums are integrated so that golfers of any skill level, from beginner to tour professional, can train in all facets of personal and player development.

Simultaneous Training

Our research and experience has shown that golf students need to be trained in the emotional and mental skills at the same time as learning the physical or mechanical skills.

Best Golf Ever Training and Coaching Programs include the technical, physical, emotional, mental, social, and business aspects of the game. An integrated approach helps golfers to develop both their "outer game" and "inner game" skills which are necessary to maximize their playing potential in the shortest length of time. Golfers who integrate their training can accelerate their growth and development as a player as much as five times faster, compared to traditional golf instruction.

Top tour professionals on both the PGA and LPGA tours know the power of integrated personal training. Isn't it time for you to see how our integrated training system and facility can work for you? Tuition is based on the number of hours necessary to build the specific skills plus habits depending on what the student is looking to build, refine, and improve.

Modular Training Programs

Best Golf Ever Modular Courses are for golfers wanting to build, mature, and refine their technical skills in golf. One or more modules may be scheduled. The modular courses offered are:

mental and emotional training

Swing Analysis - 1hr/4x per yr

The digital swing analysis will provide the golfer with an x-ray of their swing broken down into nine segments.  The digital analysis focuses on the three zones of the pivot, arms, and hands long with the golfer’s swing plane. Back turn, downswing and forward swing sequencing are also reviewed.


The Four Skills of Putting - 6 hrs or more

"Putting is between 40% - 45% of the game."
- Geoff Mangum, Putting Coach to Steve Elkington and author of Optimal Putting

The putting module offers the technical aspects of putting, aligning, distance control, and reading the putt. Training includes classroom theory, use of putting training aids, motor skill development, proper putter fit, mental and emotional principles and processes are intergrated into the program.

short game

Short Game Basics and Performance - 8 hrs or more

"Putting, along with the short game, represents 68% of the game."
- John Schlee, former tour professional

The short game module includes the technical aspects of chipping, pitching, and punching strokes. Mental and emotional training are intergrated into the program. Classroom theory, drills, and game simulation are all included.

full swing

The Nine Full Swing Alignments - 8 hrs or more

"The Driver is the most important club in the bag, followed by the wedge, and the putter."
- David Lee, Gravity Golf Schools

This module focuses on the geometry, physics, and biomechanics of the full swing. Training time is divided into classroom theory, motor skill and home environment, and outdoor game simulation practice. Mental and emotional training is integrated into the module.

mental and emotional training

Training Your Mind, Managing Your Emotions - 8 hrs or more

"The game of golf may be 90% mental, but it's 100% mind/body connection."
- Geoff Mangum, expert on neuroscience and golf

The mental and emotional training module covers mental principles and emotional intelligence concepts with skill building exercises. The player who can train the brain to execute a golf shot at the subconscious level is the player who can play their best. Biofeedback is offered by a certified consultant in biofeedback. DISC Behavioral Assessment, Mental and Emotional Skills and Strategies Assessment, and The Seven Personal Motivators in Golf Assessment are included in the module.

The Cosmic Laws of Golf - 4 hrs, with follow up meditation class

The student is introduced to four basic meditations of diaphragmatic breathing, body scan, walking, and witnessing (mindfulness). Inner body drills and exercises are also experienced, which raises the student’s awareness and consciousness from a conscious thinker to a non-thinking, self-observing witness. The Cosmic Laws of Golf are a must for the more highly skilled players (college level to tour professional) who want to learn more about the internal dimension of playing the game of golf.

course management

Course Management Principles and Strategy - 8 hrs or more

"Course Management is 75% of the game once a player can consistently propel the ball into the air."
- Ben Hogan

The Course Management module focuses on course management theory and strategy and teaches the student to think strategically on the course. Students receive both classroom learning and on-course applications. Mental and Emotional Intelligence Training is integrated into this module.

physical training

Physical Fitness - Refered to Frank Campitelli personal Training

"If your body is not in top condition, how can you expect to play great golf? Golf requires strength, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, proprioceptive timing, and awareness skills that are performed in less than half a second during the swing"
- Frank Campitelli, Personal Trainer and Long Drive Specialist

The Physical Training Module evaluates the player's posture, balance, strength, flexibility, speed, and conditioning level to gain greater fitness to play golf. When the body is flexible and fit, the benefits are added distance, accuracy, speed, range of motion, and general health, including nutrition and hydration.

club fitting

Club Fitting

"Proper club and putter fit are essential if a player wants to reach their potential."

Based on cutting edge research, Best Golf Ever's club fitting service assesses the student's technical characteristics in putting and full swing to determine the right shaft flex, length, club head type, launch angle, grip size, ball compatibility, and putter type and fit.

mental and emotional training

The Nine Essential Drills of Golf - 6 hrs or more

The Nine Essential  Drills of Golf is based on the drills presented in Homer Kelly's The Golfing Machine . Students will learn basic motion, acquired motion and total motion drills which will train the student at home and at the practice range. The nine drills will strengthen the student’s stroke fundamentals and change the way amateur/recreational  golfers think about training and practice.

practice routines

Practice Routine - 4 hrs or more

Once a student leaves the training center, they must be able to develop consistent routines when practicing at the range. Practice routines include the mental process when practicing and playing golf shots. It also includes the management of stress and anxiety and emotional intelligence skills such as non-judgment, self-awareness, self-control, self–assessment, and staying mental calmness under pressure.


SKYPE Phone Coaching - 2 hrs or more

SKYPE is one of the newest technologies for communicating with clients in golf. Phone coaching has always been used by business coaches for on-going support of the client. With SKYPE, the student and coach can stay in touch via video conference and continue the learning process whenever a student needs assistance.

Integral Training

"The golf training model of the future will no longer be focused strictly on swing mechanics, and quick fix solutions. Rather, it will teach, train, and coach golfers of every skill level on how to integrate their physical, technical, emotional, mental, social, and business skills."
- David Geier

Best Golf Ever offers four types of Integral training - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Business.

Integral Basic 101 - This training program provides foundational skill building for the new beginner or a player of several years who lacks shot making consistency. The program integrates putting, short game, full swing, and mental and emotional skill building.

Integral Intermediate 201 - This training program picks up where Integral Basic leaves off. In this training program, the student is refining their technical skills, including the shaping of shots, and continuing to learn the nuances of playing the game itself. The assessment of the technical and mental and emotional skills is required to begin this training program. Mental processes for practice and playing are emphasized along with mastery and stroke saver games to help the player experience more frequent peak performances during practice and competition.

Integral Advanced 301 - This training program is for high level players who are scoring in the high to mid seventies and want to take their game to scratch or below. Advanced training requires the player to be able to demonstrate a wide variety of shot making and has the knowledge and understanding to explain their technical skills with clarity and precision. The Integral life style is more clearly defined. This training program is also for the student who is more interested in a scientific understanding of their technical, mental, and emotional skills, including their ability to shoot low numbers.

Integral Business - See Executive Training

Tuition: Starts at $195 and up, depending on the goals of the student plus the number of hours it will take to successfully complete the skill building phase of the curriculum.

If you are serious about playing your Best Golf Ever! and reducing your handicap by 25% or more, contact David Geier at Best Golf Ever! TODAY 440 237-7550. Call TODAY and receive a FREE 30-minute consultation and FREE report valued at $60.

I just keep trying to improve as a player, which is something I have been able to do my whole life. That doesn't mean that I'm going to get better, but I have to keep trying. If I can look on my career and say I improved each year, I'll be a happy man.” 

Tiger Woods
My putting average at my home course in 2010 was 31.70 putts per round. Now I have reduced it by 2.3 putts per round. The last 10 rounds my average is 29.4.” 
Gary B