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Dear Golfer,

"It will be found that the indoor practice range is unquestionably the most effective place to perfect the assembly and adjustment of the "golfing machine", with occasional check-out trips to an outdoor driving range."
- Homer Kelley, author of The Golfing Machine

At Best Golf Ever , we offer individualized golf training, business golf training, life coaching, and instruction that integrates the technical, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social skills of the golfer in an indoor golf training environment.

Reduce Your Golf Handicap by 25% or More

(Best Golf Ever is also known as Best Golf Ever Indoor Training & Performance Centerâ„¢)

All too often, the recreational golfer, business golfer, junior golfer, avid golfer, and even the tour professional is only exposed to the technical aspects...

In the area of golf training, coaching, and instruction, we offer much more than traditional golf lessons, three-day golf schools and/or junior academies.. Best Golf Ever focuses on how to develop the person and the player, including all the dimensions of human and player development. This is what makes our Best Golf Ever’s golf training philosophy integral. Integral means necessary for completion, essential, and whole.

Many top-level professional athletes are now aware that to reach their potential in golf...

By following the overall blueprint provided in our Best Golf Ever Best Golf Ever and business curriculums, the player now has the capacity to raise their level of personal, business and golf performance.

As you explore our website, please take the time to understand and appreciate that the game of golf will reflect the person you truly are at this moment in time. More importantly, golf also challenges us to become more than where we are in our maturation and who we are in our present understanding of ourselves, the people around us, and the universe itself.

In the final analysis, the game of golf ultimately shows us what our potential is. And, as we progress in our journey, it teaches us where and how far we can go, if only we take the time to explore ourselves from the inside out.

All the best as you travel on your integral journey.
David Geier, President and Founder

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