Best Golf Ever Training

Best Golf Ever training is the cutting edge of where traditional golf education will be headed within the next five to ten years. Best Golf Ever's education curriculums are Integral so that golfers of any skill level, from beginner to tour professional, can train in all facets of personal and player development.

Integral Business Golf

business golf

Are you looking for an in-depth golf training curriculum to help you feel competent and confident on the golf course with your clients? If so…our Integral Business Golf Training may be just the ticket to building your business relationships and to play your Best Golf Ever!

The Champions Golf Training Scholarship

junior golf

The Champions Golf Training Scholarship will educate and train middle school and high school golf athletes with a ‘cutting edge’ integrated golf training model which includes physical skills (strength, range of motion, flexibility, speed), technical skills (putting, short game, and full swing) emotional intelligence (personal and social skills), mental skills (creating a vision and purpose statement, SMART goals, mental routines for practicing and competing, course management, and affirmations), and post-mental skills (self-observation, and cultivating higher emotional states when training, practicing, and competing).

Integral Executive Training

"If you want to improve your bottom line in business and golf, you need the power of emotional intelligence." - John Bothwell, Ph.D.

executive training

The Score! Workshop - offers executives, managers, and business owners the ability to improve their game of golf while they learn to become more emotional intelligent. Excellent leaders intuitively know that high performance stems from using not only their technical skills (hard skills), but also connecting with other emotional intelligence competencies (soft skills) like self-awareness, accurate self assessment, achievement drive, goal setting, initiative, empathy, leadership, and self-confidence.

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