About Best Golf Ever

Our Mission

The purpose of the company is to provide an Integral education and training model to students of the game of golf, especially avid golfers, business golfers, juniors, collegiate and professional players.

A Brief History

Best Golf Ever! offers golf training services through an indoor training environment and is currently located at 9761 York Alpha Drive, Front Door, 2nd Floor, North Royalton, Ohio, a suburb 20 miles south of downtown Cleveland.

The integral training model seeks to train people in six major areas of personal development:

  • The Technical/Physical
  • The Emotional
  • The Mental
  • Transpersonal/Spiritual
  • The Cultural
  • The Social

We help people in these, and many other Ohio cities improve their golf game:

Included in our current mission statement is the training of individuals who use golf for teambuilding, building business relationships, and raising their emotional intelligence.

If you are serious about playing your Best Golf Ever! and reducing your handicap by 25% or more, contact David Geier at Best Golf Ever! TODAY 440 237-7550. Call TODAY and receive a FREE 30-minute consultation and FREE report valued at $60.

My 9 hole league handicap was 15 at the onset of this season with scores in the 50s all too frequent. You should be proud to hear I am currently my league’s point leaders and my scores have consistently been trending lower, with my last several rounds at 43 or lower.” 

Phillip P, financial advisor