Integral Executive Training

"If you want to improve your bottom line in business and golf, you need the power of emotional intelligence." - John Bothwell, Ph.D.

executive training

The Score! Workshop - offers executives, managers, and business owners the ability to improve their game of golf while they learn to become more emotional intelligent. Excellent leaders intuitively know that high performance stems from using not only their technical skills (hard skills), but also connecting with other emotional intelligence competencies (soft skills) like self awareness, accurate self assessment, achievement drive, goal setting, initiative, empathy, leadership, and self confidence.

Participants learn about the key emotional intelligence competencies and the four themes that effect performance in both a personal and social context. The four themes create a balance for understanding and integrating the emotional intelligence concepts into real world skills experiences. The four themes are:

Practice Your Soft Skills in Business and Golf

The more we know about ourselves and can take positive steps to develop ourselves, the greater our potential for being successful in business or any life endeavor. This would include sports (golf), personal relationships, parenting, and becoming a more fully integrated (balanced) human being.

  • The theory of emotional intelligence
  • The practice of emotional intelligence
  • Current Research on emotional intelligence
  • How to apply emotional intelligence in the workplace, home, and in the community

Emotional Intelligence assessments with business and golf applications establish the participant's base-line. Business oriented applications, and golf drills which reinforce the emotional intelligence competencies, are then used to make the learning of the emotional intelligence competencies fun and practical. The goal is to make emotional intelligence an integral part of a person's growth and development.

An 18 Hole Team Scramble gives participants the opportunity to practice high level teamwork. The seminars can take place at any golf facility which can combine classroom, practice range, and on-course experiences.

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Dave helped me retool my swing and short game to drop from a 9-10 handicap player to a low 4. I even managed to shoot one over a few times and once shot 71, one under par as my career best. David’s knowledge of the golf swing is unparalleled.” 

Joe K, Financial Planner
Score! Power Up Your Game, Business and Life by Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence