Integral Business Golf

Are you looking for an in-depth golf training curriculum to help you feel competent and confident on the golf course with your clients? If so…our Integral Business Golf Training may be just the ticket to building your business relationships and to play your Best Golf Ever!

Why play business golf?

business golf

Business golf is not just about having a day off from the office, it’s about building stronger business relationships that can translate into more sales, more referrals, and a more profitable bottom-line for the company. But to play business golf successfully, executive, members of the sales team and business owners need to have a plan on how to best take advantage of this powerful marketing tactic.

Our Integral Business Golf Training is for executives, professionals and sales representatives who play business golf on a regular basis. Integral Business Golf Training applies our Best Golf Ever principles to help the business golfer develop not only the technical skills of golf, but also the inner game concepts. The inner game includes educating and training the golfer in emotional intelligence, communication by DISC, mental and centering exercises, and learning the cultural norms of knowing the rules of golf, the etiquette, sportsmanship, and care for the course. (See Golf Training Course Offerings for more information about business golf training options – Recommended: Integrated Training Programs 101, 201, or 301).

Who should take the business golf training program?

Executives, sales professionals, leadership teams, departments, managers, work groups and entrepreneurs. Who wants to use golf as a way to improve health, fitness, bonding element and as company profitability.

Stop being embarrassed!

Many businesses require or at least expect some of their key employees to play business golf, especially if they are on a sales team or one of the higher ranking executives. All too often, these same people reluctantly back off from playing business golf due to their feelings of inferiority, fear, and/or intimidation.

When I ask an executive or sales team member if they have ever taken golf instruction, nearly 100% say they have never taken any training to help them play a more competent game of business golf. It’s no wonder then that many successful business people need to be trained in playing business golf before they can be effective, competent and confident in playing the game.

Isn’t it time for you to raise your level of business golf skills and performance to play your best business golf ever?

If you are serious about playing your Best Golf Ever! and reducing your handicap by 25% or more, contact David Geier at Best Golf Ever! TODAY 440 237-7550. Call TODAY and receive a FREE 30-minute consultation and FREE report valued at $60.

After being introduced to David Geier at Best Golf Ever through a mutual friend, Paul S, Dave helped me retool my swing and short game to drop from a 9-10 handicap player to a handicap as low as a four. I even managed to shoot one over a few time once shot 71, on under par, as my career best. David’s knowledge of the golf swing in unparalleled.” 

Joe K, Financial Planner