David G Geier, President & Certified Integral Golf Coach

David Geier

With over 25 years in the golf business, David has become a leader in the field of golf training and education, His education curriculums are based on the works of American Philosopher Ken Wilber (a leader in integral training, development, and education) and leading teachers in the area of golf such as Harold Swash, Ben Doyle, Tom Tomasello, George Kelnhofer, Geoff Mangum, and Chuck Hogan.

Other influences have come from other cutting-edge thinkers such as Don Beck & Christopher Cowen, Carey Mumford, Larry Miller, George Leonard, Michael Murphy, Joseph Campbell, Roger Walsh, and Ken Blanchard.

David is the author of The Connections Between Business & Golf, Beyond Handicaps and Networking and is the co-author of The Golf Profiler Report - Actual versus Natural Golf Playing Style and Score! Power Up Your Game, Business and Life.

11 Reasons to Hire David Geier and Best Golf Ever!

  1. David brings over 25 years of golf instruction, study, research, and experience, making Best Golf Ever's information second to none in the golf industry.
  2. Our Best Golf Ever! Training curriculums have been tested and proven for over 25 years to help golfers reach their goals faster than traditional golf instruction  programs or golf schools, offering less than an integral approach to learning golf. Students learn at their own natural pace to guarantee their ability to learn and perform.
  3. Our putting, short game and full swing teachings are based  on Homer Kelley's classic golf book, The Golfing Machine, and Geoff  Mangum’s (Putting Zone.com)  putting instruction and research, resulting in his book entitled Optimal Putting.
  4. By offering Best Golf Ever! instruction and training indoors, students can learn in a more ideal environment, compared to outdoor ranges which typically provide few golf training resources and many mental distractions, making learning difficult for most students.
  5. Our indoor golf training resources and experiences include the classroom (to learn golf concepts and gain knowledge and understanding), video analysis, training aids, putting greens, Sybervision mental imagery training, biofeedback training , goal setting, and life skills coaching. For more advanced players we use psychological assessments such as D.I.S.C., Emotional Intelligence, and Energy Leadership.
  6. Best Golf Ever! offers Best Golf Ever! curriculums to junior players who are looking for world class training to raise the level of their game for tournament play and potential college scholarships.
  7. Best Golf Ever! offers a variety of executive and business golf training programs with certified professionals. Each program blends golf with other essential educational experiences such as business golf, Life Coaching , Teambuilding, Playing Business Golf with D.I.S.C., and The Score! Workshop (a half-day to two-day workshop combining golf and emotional intelligence).
  8. David is certified with Geoff Mangum’s The Putting Zone. Geoff is considered by many to be the leading expert on putting in the world today and is the putting coach to Steve Elkington and other top players on the Mini Tours, PGA, and LPGA Tours.
  9. Best Golf Ever! has its own golf certification called Certified coaching program. Best Golf Ever's Certified Best Golf Ever! Coaching Program™, will launch in early 2016 for instructors who wish to learn and apply the integral model of golf training with their junior golfers, business golfers, potential tour candidates and tour professionals .
  10. David is the co-author of Score! Power up Your Game Business and Life with Dr. John Bothwell (see our book in the Executive Training Tab. You can order the book through Amazon.com).
  11. Best Golf Ever! also refers students to professionals offering services in wellness/preventive medicine, massage therapy, nutrition, biofeedback, physical training, meditation, and physical therapy.
If you are serious about playing your Best Golf Ever! and reducing your handicap by 25% or more, contact David Geier at Best Golf Ever! TODAY 440 237-7550. Call TODAY and receive a FREE 30-minute consultation and FREE report valued at $60.

David doesn’t give lessons, he gives you an understanding of how to learn golf using his system of integrated training. His principles helped me to create a balanced life as well as a consistent game of golf.” 

Tim U